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Drama classes for children and adults were organized in 2006. The group of passionate people under professional guidance Mrs. Tatyana Nevskaya (Institute of Preforming Arts, Voronezh) has successfully staged numerous Christmas shows and End of Year plays within the RESC Slovo and beyond. Their vision to attract community to Russian culture via stage performances inspired Russian- speaking people. In 2011 the drama studio was named “ДЫМ” and continued developing their performance skills. Drama studio “ДЫМ” had been invited to play on stages of Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow. In January 2014 the studio provided a great support in Russian Art Festival organised for Russian speaking children living in Scotland.



Неаполитанский танец

Калинка Малинка, танец

Драм студия 2006-2012

Спектакль “Бремеснкие Музыканты”(The King and the princess duet)

Спектакль “Бремеснкие Музыканты”(Dance of Freuleins)

Спектакль “Бремеснкие Музыканты” (The final song)

Операция “В_зять” комедия-фантасмагория  (Operation V_zyat’)

Антреприза Лента Мёбиуса (The Mobius Strip)


Children’s Christmas show “Часы пробили в дюжину” 2014
Children’s movie “Путешествие богатырей в Британии” 2014
Adults class “Лента Мёбиуса” 2014
Adults class (Christmas show) “Путаница” 2014
Adults class “Операция В_зять” 2013
Adults class “Попытка вербовки 1939” 2012
Children class
(to memory of Wold War II)
“Не забывай меня” 2013
Children and adults classes “Бременские музыканты” 2013
Children class
(Christmas show)
Новогодняя сказка 2012
Children and adults classes “Карлсон” 2012
Adults class “Поэт и Муза” 2011
Adults class (Christmas show) “Приключения Маши и Вити
Children class “История по сказам Бажова” 2010
Children class Перевёртыши 2008
Children class Праздник непослушания 2009
Children class Дети на войне 2008
Children class Сказка о попе и работнике
его Балде