Tuition Fee

Price list for 2018/19

Students category
Price GBP
Introduction day Free 1 to 4 classes
Children 2,5-4 years of age groups 3.50 1 class
Children from 5 to 16 years of age groups 5.00 1 class
2nd child 4.50 1 class
3rd child free* 1 class
Art class (Drawing) 5.00/9.50 1 class/2 classes
Baby – Group (Mondays 10.30-12.30)
2 hrs
Dancing classes for teenagers

(attending school)

(not attending school)





1 class

1 class

 Russian for adults 6.00 1 class
Deposit upon enrolment** 20.00 one off payment

*The number of hours that are offered free of charge can not exceed the maximum amount of hours one of other children is attending.

**Deposit of £20.00 will be taken only upon enrollment and will be returned any time student decides to leave the school with the condition that there`s no pending payments for passed classes.

Classes last 45 mins (an academic hour) or 50 mins (an astronomical hour).

The payments are done on term basis. The invoice for payment is issued at the beginning of each school term (usually 4 times  per year). The payments must be made via bank transfer to the business account of SLOVO (no cash, no checks please) prior starting the classes. Payment for missed lessons will not be returned. When classes have been cancelled and payment have been already made, refund will be given in the following term invoice.

The first day at school is free of charge. You can attend up to 4 lessons.