Organisation Structure

The school management is carried out by the elected Committee, which acts in accordance with the current School Constitution. The Committee is formed from 10 members, representatives from school teachers and parents. The elections of Committee members are held annually with advanced announcement for everyone in the community (school). Anyone, who is interested in schools activities and willing to participate, can register to be a candidate for the Committee member. To register your interest you can by sending your details to

All issues related to the school activities are discussed on scheduled Committee meeting throughout the year and decisions are made upon results of open or disclosed voting.

Current Key Committee members for 2015-2016 academic year:

Oleksandr  Alexandr Menshikov– Director
 TBC  Evgenia Brothers – Accountant
 _MG_7399  Ekaterina Murray – Volunteer/Communications
tanya6_cropped Tatyana Dovgan – Grants Officer
 IMG_3832!!! marine  Marina Valko – Teacher
 _MG_7388  Vera Patterson – PVG Officer

Marina Menshikova -Head of Teaching


Photo TBA  

Maksim Silin -Head of Parents Committee


 Photo TBA  

Tatyana Karnauhova- Administartor



All question regarding the curriculum (lessons, programs, teachers etc.) are discussed by Teachers Committee managed by Head of Teaching. All teachers are members of the Teachers Committee. The communication between Teachers Committee and Head Committee is established via Head of Teaching who is responsible for information and decision update between Committees.