For Parents

RESC Slovo Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Study Groups Programme

Belchata (3-4 years old)

Zajchata (4 years old)

Kolokolchiki (5 years old)

Vasilki (6 years old)

Romashki (7 years old)

Lyutiki (8 years old)

Komety-Asteroidy (10-14 years old)

Parents Committee

Significant support comes from our Parents Committee which is formed by parents of the children from various age groups. The main objective of the Parents Committee is to provide communication between parents and the school, and also assist parent in addressing their questions or queries towards teachers, lessons or general questions regarding school activities (academic or social). Members of Parent Committee provide a fantastic support in organising social events and kids activities. The Head of Parents Committee is a member of the School Committee, this helps to keep all parent informed about Committee activities, news and updates from meetings.

The member’s number within the Parents Committeee is not limited and any parent may become a member. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please get in touch with the Head of Parents Committee – Maxim Silin or any other member in person.

The current members of Parents Committee 2015-2016 as follows:

Maxim Silin – Head of Parents Committee

Vera Patterson – representative in“Zajchata” group

Katya Murray – representative in  “Asteroidy” group

Complains, comments and suggestions

Parents are welcome to submit their suggestion, comments or complains about teaching , quality of classes, activities, events or payments by writing (e-mail) to the Head of Teaching, Director or Treasurer.

Lunch Time

Our lunch break is between 11.40 and 12.00. Children should bring their packed lunch. Teenagers are allowed to go to the shop or café across the road.

We also organise tea /coffee parties for all parents and teachers, please check our news for updates.

Lost property

If your child has forgotten/lost something in the school please report


Due to the limited study hours dedicated to each subject our teachers develop their program in a way that allows covering new learning material during the class as much as possible. It is expected therefore, that children will repeat the material at home and practice it within their homework. The home work is given to all children at the end of each class. This is noted in their School Diary or given as separate work sheets. The success and learning progress greatly depends on the fact of completion of the homework. It is parents responsibility to make sure that home work is completed prior next class. We much appreciate your co-operation in your child education.

If you missed the class and wish to cover the material at home please send a homework request on stating the following:

  • Study group
  • Subject
  • Day/s of absence

Birthday Celebration

If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday and planning to bring a birthday cake into the school, you can cut and share cake during the lunch break. To make sure everyone gets only happy memories of the event, please follow our simple health and safety rules listed below:

  • Please inform in advance your class teacher about your plans.
  • If you are bringing cake please make sure that all ingredients are listed on the packaging and pass it the class teacher.
  • Please provide basic cutlery (plastic spoon or forks, napkins, paper plates and knife to cut the cake). Do not leave any sharp objects within the reach of the children.

Hope you enjoy your little celebration. Thank you for your co-operation.

Administartion RESC SLOVO

Health and Safety Information Pack -Rosemount Community Centre

Please make yourself familiar with the attached Health and Safety Pack. Please follow the procedures and make sure you know basic such as Muster Point and how to behave whenever fire alarm  goes off.

Health and Safety Pack
Administartion RESC SLOVO