SLOVO School Enrolment Procedure

  1. Complete an application form for each potential pupil/student. Please fill in application  Form-No1 is for children, and application Form No2 for adults.
  2. Send you complete application form to
  3. Receive confirmation on successful enrolment and attend our classes (as a trial session) according to the current School timetable for the selected study group. First day (trial session) –free of charge.
  4. After your trial session, please make corrections (if any) to your previous application form and re-submit to
  5. Make the payment. An invoice with payments details will be send to your e-mail address. All payments must be complete no later than 10 days since invoice issue date.  Please follow the payment instructions provided in the invoice.
  6. All new students will be added to attendance list and may start attending classes only upon the payment confirmation.

Notes: If you have any questions regarding study group selection, please read Recommendations for study group selection or contact the Director Alexander Menshikov If you have other queries (payments, attendance etc), please contact