Saturday School

Brief information about school:

  • Educational classes for children developed specifically to suit various age groups
  • Drawing, Drama, Craft and Dance classes to enhance kids development
  • Central city location: Rosemount Community Centre
  • Time: from 10.00 am until 2.00 pm.
  • Classes 45 minutes or 60 mins long with 15 minutes break in between.
  • Free large parking
  • First day at school is free of charge.
  • All teachers are professionals with obtained education in Russia/former Soviet Union countries or/and the UK. All teachers, assistants and volunteers are PVG checked. All using methods based on traditional education programs and books supported by Russian Education System in Russia and aboard.
  • Students of the school are insured during classes time at the school as well as during trips and events organised by RESC Slovo.
  • Concerts are organised twice a year: New Year Concert(December) and End of Year Concert(June). Student are always encouraged to take part.