New Year in Slovo school (for children older 5 years)

New Year in Slovo (for children up to 5 years old)

НОВЫЙ ГОД в Школе СЛОВО (для детей старше 5 лет)

НОВЫЙ ГОД в Школе СЛОВО (для детей до 5 лет)

День Воздушного змея состоится 9 сентября

Традиционный День Воздушного змея состоится 9 сентября на пляже в Balmedie Country Park , встречаемся в 11 часов у парковки возле детской площадки. Приезжайте! Приводите семью и друзей! Заxватите пледы для пикника и вкусный пикник. Не забывайте теплую одежды на случай ветра.Будет весело! Будем запускать воздушных змеев и общаться!


New school admin and committee member

SLOVO school would like to introduce and congratulate with election and appointment our new admin — Tatyana Karnauhova. Tatyana knows already well the school, committee members and many parents and will be taking over admin responsibilities from Katya Murray. The first term of this academic year Katya and Tanya will continue working together during their transition period and you can direct your general queries during this time to Katya or Tanya. From the 2nd term Tanya will continue as a sole admin of the School Slovo. We (school) would like to say thank you to Tanya for volunteering and taking these responsibilities. We are welcome other parents to join our committee or help us as volunteers (and we need them). If you are interested and can spare some of your time for the school (activities or development) please contact