Концертный проект “Отражения“ 2 Апреля 20.00 бар O’Neils.

«Отражения» – совместный  концерт молодых певиц Екатерины Гопенко (Запорожье-Москва) и Магды Новы (Киев), который является началом их британского тура. В программе прозвучат песни на русском, украинском и английском языках в исполнении гитары, фортепиано и двух прекрасных голосов.

Bird feeder/house competition


This Saturday, 30th January, our School is holding a Bird Feeder/House competition from recycled materials and wood. You can bring your family creations to your child class where our competent jury will choose winners in two categories as “Best recycled”  and “Best design”. Our winners (each) will win a free educational trip to Glasgow Science Centre (trip will take place at the end of this term) for 2 people.

Waste recycling workshop



FB_IMG_1453272510179 The workshop will take place on January, 23 @11:45am at Rosemount Community Centre Meeting Room. This workshop is kindly organised and supported by he Recycling Team Aberdeen City Council. Information will be given in Russian and English. Refreshments, tea and coffee will be available.

Kite in the Sky Day

1st of September – is a first school day in Russia after summer holidays. It’s called Day of Knowledge or just 1st of September! Here in Scotland “back to school” day is usually at the end of August. To celebrate Day of Knowledge and Beginning of the School year, we have SLOVO’s tradition to go to Balmedie Beach for a picnic and letting our Kites to the sky. The smallest kite we had flying in the air was  14 cm in size!



It was different this year… It was FUN for everyone all evening long! Ball room, balloons, champagne to welcome, beautifully dressed guests, flowers on the tables..  It was music (DJ and life), dancing, singing, drama class performance. Dinner and bar for adults, soft playground for little ones, disco for everyone. It was AMAZING, wasn’t it?

VICTORY DAY. Best postcard contest

Many years gone since WW2… the War we never forget! How proud are we of our children who learn and respect the past. Take a look at the postcards made by our kids.

International Women Day with dancing workshop

Dances for children, dances for adults, ceilidh, Indian, step, ballet…. Refreshments and games. Flowers for all WOMEN.

It was a nice cheering atmosphere for whole family.


Football for kids, Little Vikings activity and many family games and races! With the great weather we had a really wonderful time. All kids have got medals as they all have been strong competitors and preformed very well!


Nature outing activity at Counteswells Wood was organised for primary school children with help of Mud Pies (http://www.mudpieadventures.co.uk/). An exciting way to learn more about nature protection. Usual Scottish weather didn’t stop parents and children to have fun! (and of course, hot tea, coffee and snacks helped it! :-))  

Easter 2015: Best Easter hat contest

look yourself – it is so difficult to decide which one is the best! And only three of them should have got special prices… But everyone has got a chocolate egg 🙂