Welcome to the Northeast of Scotland’s  Russian Education and Support Centre (RESC) SLOVO

RESC SLOVO is a charity based organization that promotes Russian language and culture. We support all Russian speaking ethnic groups and cultures from the former Soviet Union. SLOVO helps to integrate Russian speaking people into the multicultural environment of Scotland. SLOVO has connections with other Russian schools and centres across Scotland. The collaborative projects involve literature, linguists, teachers and authors of specialized teaching methods. SLOVO offers a choice of classes for adults and children, please see the Saturday school program for more information.

Our Mission:

To provide first class affordable education for children and adults.

Share our knowledge, culture and traditions with the community

Our Vision:

To be the Northeast of Scotland’s leading Russian education and culture centre.

Our Values:

Learning  Integrity   Teamwork  Balance

Respect  Excellence   Social awareness

Russian Education and Support Centre (RESC) SLOVO comprises of:

Saturday school

Rosemount baby and toddler group


“Tilashar” Kazakh language group

Our History:

2006 – RESC was found

2007 – RESC obtained its name SLOVO

2010 – RESC Slovo has been registered as Scottish charity

2013 – Saturday school remains the main focus of centre SLOVO and welcomes more than 60 students of different ages and nationalities. SLOVO offers a wide range of classes: along with Russian language and literature, there are classes of math, dancing and rhythmic for children and ballet for adults, Russian and English for adults, Russian via Skype, German for children, Art and Singing classes;

As a part of Collaboration Project Centre SLOVO has organised Conference addressing specifics of teaching Russian language in Scotland where all Russian schools and Centres took a part.

2014 – Kazakh language group “Tilashar” has joined SLOVO;

As a part of Collaboration Project Centre SLOVO has organised First Scottish Festival for Russian-speaking Children.

2015 – Saturday school of centre SLOVO welcomes more than 80 students of different ages and nationalities;

under Project RuScotia centre has organised many cultural and educational events.

2016 – RESC Slovo celebrates it’s 10 year. In the past 10 years the center has developed and changed considerably but the main idea has not changed-to provide an opportunity for all those interested to develop Russian language, experience and share diverse culture of Russian speaking nations and help Russian speaking ethnic groups to integrate within local community. All these years many children and adults have been mastering Russian language, dancing, practicing music and  drawing skills and also learning about Scottish culture and life style through classes and activities organised by the RESC Slovo . And we hope for many many more to come.